Connection with nature, and a love of bringing the outside in, was the starting place for bramble&basin. Nothing warms a beautifully designed space the way botanicals do. Whether it is a houseplant, floral arrangement, orchid, succulent or cactus garden, adding elements of nature to your interior design is integral in creating a healing and inviting energy.

Our high quality faux botanical home décor allows you to do just that...give your home, business, restaurant, or hotel the therapeutic embrace only nature can. Relying on extensive experience in floral design, interior design, and landscape design, bramble&basin's faux botanical home décor is carefully selected and designed to give you the real botanical experience.

Not everyone has the time or skills to care for living botanicals, but that shouldn't mean the experience should be lost altogether. With faux botanicals you have the opportunity to integrate the soothing energy of nature into your busy everyday life, no green thumb required.